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Shoot Camera LE

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  • Full access to manual controls and dng raw files (support is device specific)
  • As fast as it gets with minimal lag
  • Real time highlight and shadow overlay clip warnings and histogram
  • Teaches you more about photography and camera settings
  • Constantly evolving, with lots of exciting features and improvements on the way

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Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

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Amazon Best Seller!

#1 Photography Reference Book for most of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Mastering the Exposure Triangle is the key to photographic excellence.

Without a guide on your path to better pictures, you run the risk of spending a great deal of time and money heading down the wrong road. Frustration and confusion can easily take the wind from your sails and replace excitement with disappointment.

This guide to EXPOSURE builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to create better images with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory. By the time you finish reading this book, you will be well on your way to Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

There are thousands of Photography Books in the Kindle Store. So, why should you buy this book?

  • Al Judge is an exceptional teacher. His books are arguably the best on the topic of Photography.
  • This book requires no prior knowledge of Photography or Photographic Jargon.
  • It is highly illustrated, well written and easy to understand.
  • In a few hours, you will learn what others have taken years to learn. You will not waste your time reading meaningless banter.
  • There is no risk. If you are not 100 satisfied, you can return it for a full refund within the first seven days. This only takes a single click on Manage My Kindle.

What reviewers have said about Mastering Aperture....

Despite this book's rather advanced topics, it is perfect for beginners wanting to learn more. Jeff

A great guide for all levels of photography, well written and illustrated!!! Albert

This is another great book of Al's. He does a wonderful job at explaining all the needed information to better understand photography. Very easy to understand and lots of pointers. DJ

As I am about to commence a photography diploma this book has come in handy as a warm up for me. Craig

Can you identify with any of these experiences?

Do your eyes glaze over when people use terms like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Exposure?

Does the term f-stop make your stomach turn?

Are you enthused about photography but confused by all the technical jargon?

Would you like to be more consistent with the quality of your images?

Do you wonder how professional photographers get such great shots?

By the time you finish reading this book, you will be well on your way to Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

Adjusting APERTURE, DEPTH-OF-FIELD, SHUTTER SPEED, ISO and EXPOSURE will no longer be sources of stress, and your confidence will be greatly enhanced. With very little time and effort you can be well on your way to taking better pictures consistently.

Any serious photographer will eventually learn everything in this book. You have an opportunity to learn it quickly and easily in just a few hours

Why spend any more time Shooting in the Dark? Scroll up and grab a copy today for about the cost of a cup of coffee.

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Kodak Tri-X 400TX Professional Black & White Film ISO 400, 35mm, 24 Exposures (3 Pack)

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Included in this Ritz Camera Bundle:
1) Kodak Professional TRI-X 400/400TX 35mm Black-and-White Film, 24-Exposure Roll 3 Pack

Kodak Professional TRI-X 400 Film is high-speed panchromatic films that is a good choice for photographing dimly lighted subjects or fast action for photographing subjects that require good depth of field and fast shutter speeds and for extending the distance range for flash pictures. TRI-X 400 Film is recommended for push-processing applications.

Kodak Tri-X Pan is a high-speed panchromatic film ideal for photographing dimly lit subjects or fast action. It also works well for photographing subjects that require good depth of field and fast shutter speeds, and for extending the distance range for flash pictures. This black-and-white film is recommended for push-processing applications.


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  • Fine grain, high sharpness.
  • Medium contrast, moderate degree of enlargement.
  • ISO 400. Wide exposure latitude. 24 exposures
  • Black-and-white panchromatic film
  • Produces excellent gradation and brilliant highlights

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Exposure Mastery: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO. The Difference Between Good and BREATHTAKING Photographs

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2017 Edition. FULL COLOR eBook!

Buy the Paperback and Get the eBook for FREE!

(Please note that the paperback version is in black and white to keep the price you pay low!)

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

Youve Spent Hundreds on A High Quality Camera Wouldnt You Like to Do More with It than Just Point and Shoot?

Whether you want to pursue photography as a hobby or looking at launching a career, you want to be able to explore all the possibilities of photography as an art form and Im here to show you how.

This book will show you how the physics of photography and the dimensions of light can turn a snapshot into a piece of art, and how you can turn a basic understanding of your Digital SLR camera into the ability to wield it as the most important tool of your trade.

Ive Spent Years Discovering All There Is To Know About the Possibilities of Photography. Now Im Here to Help YOU!

Hi, I'm Brian. Im a professional photographer with a long career that was made possible by one single tool: my camera. Ive explored the boundaries of photography for many years and watched it evolve into a high-tech profession that still follows the same, basic rules.

Im here to share these insights with you, to help you turn that basic know-how thats got you this far into a full-fledged understanding of the physics and rules of photography.

Give Me 48 Hours and I'll Teach You the Art of Exposure

Give me a week and Ill train your eye to see all the possibilities as you angle a shot. By the time youve put the advice in this guide into practice, youll understand everything from light metering, depth of field and exposure to contrast and special effects.

In this book, well cover:

  • All you need to know about creative digital photography
  • The physics of photography, including aperture speed, motion capture and light meters
  • The dynamics of light and what they mean to a photographer
  • The secrets of portrait, close-up, panoramic and landscape photography
  • The special effects that are possible with nothing more than your shutter speed
  • And much, much more.

My Secret Ingredient

Sure, there are expensive course out there that cover some of the information included in this book, but the secret ingredient is that I know how to turn mechanical understanding into artistic brilliance and itll cost you less than the price of a memory stick to find out what that ingredient is.

All it takes is a few key pieces of knowledge and youll be on your way to turning a deep and profound understanding of your camera into a hobby, or even a career.

Start Taking More Professional Photos In Less Than a Week... or Your Money Back!

If you follow the steps in this guide and dont see a single difference in the quality of your images, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100 of your money. Thats how confident I am that I have the answer to your problem I really can help you find become a professional-standard photographer.

Just scroll up now and click the BUY NOW button to start taking BRILLIANT photographs, TODAY!


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Sweet As Photos - Plastic Double-Sided Photography Quick Reference Cards / Cheat Sheets

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It is almost impossible to remember everything at the start of your photography journey and difficult to lug those heavy textbooks around, for scroll through the pages of text. That's where Sweet As Photography Reference Cards come in. Designed and written by an experienced Photographer who has completed numerous courses in different scenarios (face to face, online, textbooks and webinars) these cards cover the most important elements of photography and are designed to clip to your bag and take with you, anywhere and anytime. When I started out in photography I would have loved something like this to jog my memory while out and about. So I created my own cheat sheets on pieces of cardboard. These durable, concise and easy to read cards are suitable for all photographers. As with most things in photography there is usually more than one way to do something but these cards show you the way I do it which has proven to be successful for me. Professional printed on plastic so they not only look great but they can withstand the weather and general wear and tear while being attached to your photography bag. These cards are designed based on the art of photography and not based on a type of camera such as Canon or Nikon so they should be suitable for all photographers. Features Professionally printed on flexible plastic so they can stand all weather and general wear and tear 22 double sided colour cards Held together by a split ring and clip to secure to your bag or belt Topics Covered Before and after shooting checklists Camera modes Exposure ISO Shutter speed Aperture White balance BULB - long exposure Lens Sunny 16 Rule Understanding histograms Composition Glossary Step-By-Steps - steps to achieving some awesome techniques such as light painting and panning. ****These cards are are designed to be portable and are the same size as a credit card****** May not be suitable for those who are unable to read smaller font sizes up close****

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  • Photography Quick Reference Cards
  • Essential tool for photographers of all levels
  • Double Sided professionally printed on plastic
  • Covers all the essential aspects of photography
  • Suitable for all camera types - designed to teach photography techniques

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TOOGE Pet Camera, Dog Camera FHD Pet Monitor Indoor Cat Camera Night Vision 2 Way Audio and Motion Detection(Updated)

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Product Features:
- High Definition Recording provides you super clear image
- Remote Monitor, never miss a moment of what you care
- Schedule Recording to your needs
- ISO & Android & Windows Supported by this wifi camera
- Two-way Audio to enjoy your sweet family time anywhere and anytime
- Friendly APP , you can share the camera with your family or friends
- TF Card Storage (up to 64GB 10-class TF card) to view recordings
- Infrared Night Vision to 16 feet in dark
- Motion Detection is adjustable

Suggestion: if there's anything confusing, please refer to the attached instructions in detail. For customers who use this wifi camera for the first time, please follow the user manual carefully.

1 x TOOGE security camera
1 x Installation bag
1 x Reset pin
1 x USB cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

High Level Security Protection

This wifi camera was designed to be high level protection. If you change the default password following the app guide, It can't be hacked.

Our camera can perform self-check regularly to see if it can work normally contrast to most other cameras in the market. when it reboots, it will shake its head and try to reconnect the router again. However many customers were misled by negative reviews to think the camera was hacked, please don't be worried, you're safe.

Warranty: Full refund & return within 90 days if not man-made damage!

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  • 1. Quick 2.4G Wifi Connection --- Fast WiFi setup via mobile App on iPhone/Android smartphone/tablets/Windows PC(it can't support MAC). This pet camera with APP supports remote access via mobile App anywhere and anytime.Support Windows 7/24 video recording.
  • 2. Great Day/Night Vision & Clear Two Way Talking --- Intelligent IR-Cut switch ensures high quality images both day and night. 10 IR leds, night vision up to 16 feet in pitch dark. Hi-Fi intercom without noise, souffle and echo, you can choose to listen/speak with this cat camera and start to communicate with your family/pet at anytime anywhere.
  • 3. Motion Detection --- Motion Detection with push alert notifications based on motion sensing technology.Receive real-time activity alerts of this dog camera while you're out. Motion detection sensibility can be adjusted by yourself, When the camera detected abnormity or alarm is triggered, instant alerts will be sent to you.
  • 4. Pan/Tilt/Zoom Function for Multiple-View --- TOOGE dog security camera provides horizontal 350 and vertical 80rotation with 4x digital zoom function for a complete coverage of your home. Camera can be shared to others,thus you can enjoy sweet memories with your family by using this pet camera.
  • 5. P2P Tech With Safe Data --- Remotely access to your pet monitor feed to enjoy peace of mind when you're away. P2P Tech to ensure data is not stored in the server, it is saved locally. Safety is high because it does not leak out saved photos and recordings. Up to 64G micro sd card(10 class) is supported via loop recording. TOOGE dog camera can charge&record at the same time thus never worry about running out of battery.

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Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55mm VR & 70-300mm DX AF-P Lenses with 64GB Card Case Flash Video Light Battery & Charger Tripod Kit

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Kit includes:
1) Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55mm VR & 70-300mm DX AF-P Lenses
2) Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case - Gadget Bag
3) Transcend 64GB SDXC Memory Card
4) Spare EN-EL14a Battery for Nikon
5) Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL14a
6) PD DSLR350 Flash
7) PD Digital Camera / Camcorder LED Video Light with Bracket
8) Vivitar HF-TR59 59" Photo / Video Tripod with Carrying Case
9) Vivitar 55mm UV Glass Filter
10) Vivitar 58mm UV Glass Filter
11) Nikon School - A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD
12) PD Flash Bounce Diffuser for DSLR350, DSLR450V
13) PD Neoprene Sling Digital Camera Strap
14) PD ML-L3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote Control for Nikon Cameras
15) PD 6-Piece Cleaning Kit
16) Lens Cleaning Brush Pen
17) PD LCD Screen Protectors
18) ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Software

The Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera has a 24.2MP sensor that captures pictures with amazing clarity. The 100-25600 ISO sensitivity is perfect for low-light shooting and fast moving subjects. Record family movies or dramatic films thanks to the 1080p Full HD capabilities. Use built-in bluetooth to pair your camera with your smartphone for easy sharing. Additional features: no optical low-pass filter, 3.0" LCD, 11-point AF system, 5 FPS continuous shooting, plus more! This outfit includes the AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR and AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED lenses.

Constructed from water-repellant, durable, ballistic nylon, this Nikon compact system case is ideal for storing your digital SLR camera, plus lenses and accessories.

Take pictures faster (up to 45MB/sec.) with this Transcend 64GB (SDXC) Memory Card.

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  • KIT INCLUDES 18 PRODUCTS -- All BRAND NEW Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories Full USA Warranties:
  • 1 Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55mm VR & 70-300mm DX AF-P Lenses 2 Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case 3 Transcend 64GB SDXC 300x Card 4 Spare EN-EL14a Battery
  • 5 Battery Charger 6 Precision Design DSLR350 Flash 7 PD LED Video Light w/ Bracket 8 Vivitar HF-TR59 59" Tripod
  • 9 Vivitar 55mm UV Glass Filter 10 Vivitar 58mm UV Glass Filter 11 Nikon School Lighting DVD 12 PD Flash Diffuser 13 PD Neoprene Sling Camera Strap
  • 14 Precision Design ML-L3 Remote 15 PD 6pc Complete Cleaning Kit 16 Lens Cleaning Brush Pen 17 LCD Screen Protectors 18 Image Recovery Software

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Ilford 1574577 HP5 Plus, Black and White Print Film, 35 mm, ISO 400, 36 Exposures

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HP5 PLUS is a high speed, medium contrast film making it especially suitable for action and press photography and also an excellent choice for general purpose photography. Nominally rated at ISO 400, it yields negatives of outstanding sharpness and fine grain under all lighting conditions. HP5 PLUS has been formulated to respond well to push processing and film speeds up to EI 3200/36 are achievable with ILFORD MICROPHEN developer maintaining good shadow detail and well separated mid-tones with sharp grain.

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  • ISO 400
  • 35mm, 36 exposures
  • Black and White Film
  • 1 Roll of Film

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Canon PowerShot SX510 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera (discontinued by manufacturer)

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The Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Digital Camera is a compact, point-and-shoot camera featuring a 12.1 megapixel 1/2.3-inch high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor to produce high resolution still imagery and full HD 1080p video. The sensor and processor work together to enable the Canon HS SYSTEM, which helps to reduce noise levels and gain greater clarity for enhanced low-light imagery. The processor also affords speed throughout the entire camera system, including High Speed AF and Zoom Framing Assist. The built-in Canon 30x optical zoom lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 24-720mm, covering wide-angle to super telephoto lengths. The reach of this lens is enhanced by the optical image stabilization system that works to reduce the appearance of camera shake. Six distinct settings of Intelligent IS image stabilization are also available, and can be automatically applied to suit the type of shooting and subject matter.

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  • Capture beautiful 1080p full HD video in stereo sound with a dedicated movie button, zoom while shooting and play back videos on an HDTV via the HDMI output
  • Large 3-inch color LCD with a screen resolution of 461,000 dots enables easy viewing from a wide angle
  • 12.1 megapixel high-sensitivity 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor combined with the Canon DIGIC 4 image processor
  • Powerful 30x optical zoom and 24mm wide-angle lens with Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Smart Auto intelligently selects the proper settings based on 32 predefined shooting situations

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AODELAN Smartphone Camera Grip Shutter, Zoom, Exposure/ISO Adjustment Compatible for iPhone 6 / 7 / 8 / X/XS/XS Max/XR

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AODELAN SA-1B/SA-1S is a powerful Smartphone Camera Grip which works with iPhone via a dedicated camera app and gives users unprecedented control over the smartphone camera. It unlocks key camera features inaccessible via the native smartphone camera with a two-step shutter release button, an exposure compensation wheel, a zoom wheel, a smart wheel and etc., turns you iPhone into a professional DSLR instantly.

Transmission method: Ultrasonic
Power: Lithium battery ER14250
Accessory: Strap x 1
SA-1B Dimensions: Approx. 102 x 84 x 36mm (4.0 x 3.3 x 1.4 in.)
Weight: Approx. 71g (2.5 oz) (without battery)

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  • Maximize the feature of your phone: 3 wheels and 2 button allows you manually change camera zoom, white balance, exposure compensation/ ISO, shutter speed, aperture, makes your phone a DSLR with this Smartphone Camera Grip
  • Exposure Compensation Wheel: a rotating zoom ring just like on a DSLR the wheel changes exposure in 1/3 aperture steps. Under manual mode, allows control of ISO values
  • Smart Wheel: change 9 pre-set modes to adjust your iPhone camera: Auto, Filter, Selfie, Video, Macro, Sports, Manual, Shutter priority, ISO priority
  • Zoom Wheel: turn the zoom wheel to zoon in or out from x1 to x10.0, achieve ten-times enlargement with one-hand access
  • Pressing Shutter Release Button take a photo or start video recording and clicking the Selfie Button you can switch between front and rear cameras for self-portraits

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Iso camera

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